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HP-627 Wonder Womyn in "Ultimate Sacrifice"



TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Ultimate Sacrifice" Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES





Description of HP-627:

Tasked in discerning the whereabouts of an embezzled artifact, Wonder Womyn’s (Hollywood) search leads her to a sparsely furnished suite and an unsettling revelation — the stolen totem is guarded by a mysterious, cloaked figure… motionless, seemingly in a meditative state. Uncertain as to the shadowy man’s connection to the purloined relic, she stealthily retrieves the archaic statuette, beaming with pride on a mission (so easily) accomplished. But, her revelry is quickly doused when she’s abruptly, aggressively assaulted by the sinister monk, whose intentions are suddenly made perfectly clear — the relic was intended as a ruse to lure our heroine into the clutches of a malevolent cult bent on her utter ruination! Shocked by her assailant’s brute strength and savagery, the Maiden of Might barely has time to defend herself against the vicious attack before she’s overcome by her preternaturally powerful opponent’s brutal barrage! Relieving the stunned heroine of her mystical bracelets and Belt of Power, and stashing the extraordinary accoutrements away for safe keeping, the malicious menace binds the dazed diva in ensorcelled trappings while he goes about his devious deeds. Rendered powerless, our dazed (yet determined) heroine desperately (and vainly) struggles to escape the confines of her captor. But, does Wonder Womyn have the physical strength and willpower to break the magical ties that bind her before the lethal enforcer returns — to make her the ultimate sacrifice!


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