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HP-273 Wonder Womyn in "The Message"


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Description of "The Message" :

An uninvited intruder sneaks into the lovely Hollywood's abode, as she lounges about looking sexy as ever in her black lingerie and black stockings. He jumps her from behind, choking her and telling her that he is there to deliver a message to her friend Wonder Womyn, and that he will make her pay to get point the across. Hollywood isn't about to go down easy and fights off the intruder's constant attempts at choking her. A valiant struggle begins as Hollywood is put into a full nelson and slammed face first into the wall. The sloven sadist forces Hollywood backwards onto the sofa arm and drives his fists into her outstretched belly prior to his continued and relentless choking.
Hollywood has faced greater challenges and elbow smashes the blundering boy, then does a little of her own style headbanging. Stomps and kicks reduce the hapless intruder to a whimpering mass of evil. However, this evil is hell bent on sending his message to the super vixen Wonder Womyn, and hence Hollywood finds herself gasping for air as the choke is back on! The battle rages on and Hollywood gets back to slam dancing her foe, but evil begins to prevail. Our hottie Hollywood soon finds herself in serious trouble as the dastardly foe begins to get the upper hand as they exchange blows.
The dark cloud rises as the intruder stretches and contorts Hollywood's perfect body and limbs, all while sneering that he wishes for Wonder Womyn to see his handiwork. A slight opportunity arises and our gorgeous vixen attempts to transform into Wonder Womyn, but the twisted villain bashes her on the head with a foreign object and the opportunity is missed. Hollywood now finds herself trapped in a sleeperhold, but the villain doesn't put her out. Instead, he wishes to deliver a resounding message to Wonder Womyn by using her friend Hollywood as a vehicle...and the beatdown begins!
Belly punches, bear hugs, and camel clutches are just a few of the many punishments that Hollywood's curvaceous body gets subjected to. A futile attempt is made by Hollywood to transform into Wonder Womyn, but it is once again thwarted. The crazed villain again hammers away at Hollywood's perfect abs and bends her spine with a Boston crab as he reiterates his message to Wonder Womyn. Hollywood's legs are worked over, along with her spine being further contorted in over the shoulder back breakers. The beatdown escalates as forearm smashes, body scissors, full nelsons, arm bars, and more chokes are administered to the poor lass.
How much more can even Hollywood's awesomely toned and fit body withstand?
The mentally irregular villain continues with sleepers, chokes, belly punching, and face punching. Hollywood is helpless, and fighting for her life and the safety of all humanity! Will Hollywood and Wonder Womyn survive? Hollywood continues to suffer as she is bent into an over the shoulder back breaker, slammed to the ground , and stomped in her aching back. An over the knee back breaker gets combined with a choke and stomach claw to send Hollywood writhing in pain. Is there no end to this one-sided beatdown?
Hollywood's limbs are further stretched and her weakening cries for mercy are answered by yet another crippling over the shoulder spinebender. As Hollywood moans in agony, the twisted twerp of a villain squeezes her voluptuous body, and slams our helpless lass down, only to pin her down and shower belly and face punches upon her. The one-sided slug fest continues until the villain locks a tight sleeper hold onto Hollywood and delivers his message for her close friend Wonder Womyn...that she will be next!!!Hollywood fades this it for our sexy goddess Hollywood?...did she even hear the message? she playing possum...? What happens next can only be revealed in " The Message II "  







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