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Description of HP-843:

Having tracked the elusive Black Widow back to her hideout, Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood,resplendent in her traditional costume complete with cape, gloves and boots, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sultry Francesca Le and equally stunning in her costume, cape, gloves and boots, come face to face with the evil villainess, played by the enticing Jennifer Thomas and decked out in her black catsuit, gloves, and boots, and her two henchmen. The battle is on and as usual the bad guys are on the losing end and wind up on the floor. However the over-confident maidens of might drop their guard while demanding the Black Widow give herself up. The henchmen seize the moment and quickly capture the super heroines, tying them up back to back. Holy ring around the rosy! What do these vile villains have in store for our glamorous duo?


Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl find themselves prisoners in Black Widow’s dungeon. The henchmen arrive and string the caped captives up by the rafters while the Black Widow mocks the prisoners and lets them know what’s in store for them. The virtuous vixens can only watch helplessly as buckets of lethal poisonous fog are placed at their feet. While Black Widow and her henchmen make their exit the fog starts to fill the room. Holy fog out! Are the two most powerful super heroines on the planet about to be done in by a cloud of gruesome gas?  I hope not!


Having escaped the fog trap, the Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl confront the Black Widow as she attempts to flee. Just as they are about to apprehend her the Black Widow manages to stop the powerful pair in their tracks with a can of Insta-Freeze. The henchmen then transport the immobilized super heroines back to the dungeon and strap them down while the Black Widow once again taunts the trapped duo and reveals her sinister plan to have her pet spiders cocoon them. Our heroines can only watch helplessly as two giant spiders are placed upon their feet and slowly encase their delectable bodies in spider web. Will the Curvaceous Crusaders be completely cocooned by a pair of abominable arachnids?

 Tune in and find out!




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