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HP-058 Wonder Womyn vs The Alien


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Alien:

A day of R&R turns into a close encounter of the deadliest kind as an alien menace goes on a vicious rampage — and only Wonder Womyn stands defiantly in its destructive path! After an urgent plea and dire warning from The Commissioner, the Amazing Amazon tracks the ornery outlander to its seedy lair, taking the fight directly to it. But, little could prepare her for the sinister space invader’s lethal arsenal of electrifying energy blasts and mind-bending cathode rays that leave our heroine wracked in agony. Barely able to fend off the alien’s deadly advances and refusing to surrender to the pain, Wonder Womyn courageously presses on, battering the nefarious nemesis senseless with her powerful punches. But, the female fury has scarcely time to recover as her uncanny adversary continues to afflict terrible harm upon her person, leaving her to the point of sheer exhaustion. Only then is the alien’s true purpose revealed: to possess WW’s mythical Belt of Strength and present it to the invading armada! Now relieved of her formidable powers of might and mettle, Wonder Womyn’s utter subjugation appears unhindered and inevitable. Can our Herculean heroine find the strength within herself to rise up against her alien oppressor, or will she fall, leaving the earth to the threat of ruination? Fight on, Wonder Womyn, Fight on!


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