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HP-379 Liberty Belle in

Hiawatha's Revenge

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Description of Hiawatha's Revenge:

When we last left Liberty Belle she was at the mercy of the Terrorist (HP-369) She had been knocked out and is about to be sacrificed. Fortunately for our beautiful heroine, the Terrorist is interrupted just as she is about to plunge a knife into Liberty Belle's heart. The Terrorist quickly ties Liberty Belle up and hides her in another room.
Unbeknownst to the Terrorist, another of Liberty Belle's arch enemies has heard about the titanic struggle between her and Liberty Belle. Hiawatha is a pretty Indian Maiden (Nicole O ) that Liberty Belle sent to prison years earlier and has just been released. Hiawatha's plan is to make sure Liberty Belle and the Terrorist fight till their death. Then she will turn over Liberty Belle to her arch enemies (their are many super villains looking to do her in) for a reward and turn the Terrorist over to the US authorities for a second large payday.
But in order for Hiawatha's plan to work, she has to save Liberty Belle. Hiawatha breaks into the Terrorist home and steals the still unconscious Liberty Belle.
After Liberty Belle recovers, Hiawatha convinces her that prison reformed Hiawatha and she wants to make amends.  Hiawatha agrees to help Liberty Belle capture the Terrorist. The plan they concoct is for Liberty Belle to rush in the front room while Hiawatha goes around back. But when Liberty Belle has the Terrorist at gun point, Hiawatha fails to show. Liberty Belle allows her concern for Hiawatha's safety distract her and the Terrorist is able to get away from her. This leads to a major struggle between Liberty Belle and the Terrorist.
Will Hiawatha's plan work? Will Liberty Belle and the Terrorist do each other in? Buy this match and find out. I will give you a hint, everything does not go quite as nicely as Hiawatha hopes it would. She has to do battle with someone. But which super villain (or super heroine) will come out on top?????



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