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HP-491 Wonder Womyn vs The Stranger

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Description of HP-491 Wonder Womyn vs The Stranger:

In this 16 min and some change clip we see that Wonder Womyn has just finished up a long day of fighting crime,
she is beat and wants some very needed rest.
We find her asleep in her bed while a sneaky masked man has entered her domain.
He attacks her then says he wants to have his way with her and that there will be no rest for the wicked.
He then starts to tickle the very ticklish superheroine. They fight back in forth in Wonder Womyns lair.
He has also set the room up with cameras for everyone to see. He goes back to tickling Wonder Womyn a bit.
She head scissors the stranger, threatening to break his arms. She turns it around
and starts tickling the villian. She puts him in a camel clutch, a sleeper hold then finishes him up
with a figure 4 choke around his neck.... and dumps him on the floor. Does Wonder Womyn get the best of the Stranger
or does he strangely appear again and take care of Wonder Womyn once and for all?

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