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HP-674 Wonder Womyn in "The Sleepy Trap"




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Description of HP-674:

A Dream Come True for Foot Fanciers! Receiving a tip from The Commissioner regarding possible illicit activity at a Federal delegate’s estate, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) stakes out the posh manor in hopes of ferreting out the criminal element. However, what she discovers is far more insidious — a mysterious, ashen powder dusting the vacant living quarters laced with a debilitating toxin that incapacitates upon exposure to the skin…a fact lost on our intrepid heroine when she quickly falls victim to its intoxicating effects. What follows is a harrowing head-trip into the unreal as the Amazing Amazon drifts helplessly through a malaise of dreariness on the fringe of sleep and consciousness — a devilishly deceptive realm where her vaunted powers are greatly inhibited and she becomes the feeble plaything to its mistress, The Dream Maker! Brutal beatings, unbreakable bonds, foot fondling, and ticklish toe tormenting abound as the befuddled beauty desperately battles both the manipulating mind-tricks of her nightmarish nemesis and the physical fallout of the noxious powder. But, the question remains: Can the Maiden of Might free herself of the mental vice that grips her before her sanity utterly breaks? Dream on, True Believers!


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