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HP-740 Wonder Little White vs Wonder Little Black: The Collector




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TITLE: The Collector Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 15:36 Minutes

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Description of HP-740:

Wonder little White play by Hollywood is dressed in a white tank top , tiny pink school girl skirt, her hair in pigtails is outside looking for her enemy, she enters the home.
She is looking to collect a handsome reward for kidnapping wonder little black into a sex slavery ring.
Wonder little black played by Michelle collier also dressed in a very small skirt, white tank top , black mask and hair in pigtails is also looking for the same enemy.
She enters the house, but hides a tainted cloth under the couch. Both super heroes run into each other and talk smack about their super powers! They start to fight calling each other names, both of them are even for awhile . Punches to the face, punches and kicks to the stomach, sleepers. Finally WLB grabs her tainted cloth she has hidden and KOs Holly ! She stands over Holly in a up-skirt victory pose and leaves. When will Holly wakes up she uses her telepathic powers to find out the weakness of her superheroine nemesis.
It's her stomach! Holly will chloro and use her magic lasso to subdue her enemy.  When WLB returns WLW uses her magic cloth several times to weaken down Wonder Little Black. Finally Holly has WLB weakened to where she wants and cradle carries her out for delivery so she can collect her money and sale this superheroine into sex slavery. Get this hot video now!!


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