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HP-459 Capturing Wonder Womyn

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Description of Capturing Wonder Womyn:

Two Adversaries! One Final Outcome! Convinced she’s a fraud and dead set on “capturing” Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) to prove her convictions, Liberty Belle (portrayed by Robin) tracks the Amazing Amazon to one of her secret hideaways. Armed to the teeth with guns, gall, and gumption, the brazen babe boldly calls out WW for a two-fisted duel — and gets her wish, coupled with a serious beat down by the fuming super-femme! But, unbeknownst to both bodacious bombshells, another villainess has staked her claim on Wonder Womyn — The Tormentress (Francesca)! This evil opportunist knows how (and when) to make an entrance, making quick work of the distracted heroine with a devastating blow from behind that takes WW down for the count! Quickly stripping Wonder Womyn of her belt, lasso, and dignity, the devious diva binds our bewildered heroine, and tosses her in an adjacent room for safe-keeping. Meanwhile, Liberty Belle groggily stirs from her humiliating drumming at the hands of WW, only to fall into the crosshairs of The Tormentress! It’s déjà vu all over again, as The Tormentress rains a hailstorm of bruising body blows to Liberty Belle’s dismay, closing out the unabashed thrashing with a pistol-whipping! However, The Tormentress has little time to revel in her victories, as Wonder Womyn, having torn free of her bonds, reappears — enraged, outraged, and primed to bring the fight back to them! And she’ll have to ‘bring it’, ‘cause both adversaries have allied themselves (temporarily) with singular intent — take down Wonder Womyn with extreme prejudice!

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