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DMP-004 Batgirl Gets Spanked by Lady Pain (2 Parts)

The nefarious super villain, Lady Pain (played by Hollywood), is relaxing at home after just getting out of prison.  She is dressed a tight black miniskirt, sexy red tank top, black tights, and knee high black boots.  She comments about how she is bored and leaves a message for "the Bat Bitch" and tells her that if she wants to know where Robin is, she better show up before midnight.  Batgirl arrives dressed in her tight costume and asks Lady Pain about Robin.  The sly villain responds by telling her that she will find out, but first she must be "put in her place."  A war of words ensues and Lady Pain forces our hero admit that she is really there to be punished and that her ass belongs to Lady Pain!  Batgirl is forced to bend over Lady Pain's lap and after some verbal humiliation, the villain begins to deliver an intense spanking.  The spanking is not only intense, it is unrelenting!  Lady Pain shows her true evil side as she mixes up the spanking with wedgies and even pulls up Batgirl's costume and spanks her nearly bare bottom.  As the punishment continues, our heroine loses her outer costume at one point and is reduced to her thong one piece outfit.  As she continues to plead for Robin's safety, the beatings and verbal humiliation continue and get more and more intense.  Does the pleading help?  Does Batgirl save Robin or does she just become Lady Pain's "Little Bat Bitch"?  Get this super hot video and find out!!

DMP-005 Humiliating Superman (2 Parts)

This video is the David Marks Productions debut of the gorgeous Goldie Blair!  The video opens with Goldie looking smoking hot dressed as Wonder Womyn.  She is soon joined by Superman and she is pissed off at him for talking trash about her to Batman!  A fight breaks out between the two and Wonder Womyn quickly drops Superman with a knee to groin.  The SuperHeroine presses her advantage and delivers some punches to Superman's face and a kick to the mid-section.  Things don't get any better for poor Superman, she continues to beat him down with more punches and kicks and she even adds in a leg scissors or two to his head.  The warrior then puts her magic lasso around his neck and chokes him only to notice that Superman is appearing to become aroused!  Wonder Womyn forces him into a breast smother and then drags him across the room by the lasso around his neck.  She then forces Superman to masturbate in his costume while he performs oral sex on her!  In the end, she berates Superman for making a mess of himself and stomps on his balls as she walks away triumphant in her victory!

DMP-006 SLAVE - Hogtie Tickle (2 Parts)

Mistress Tilly is most displeased with her new slave, Hollywood.  She leads a bare foot Hollywood, who is dressed in a sexy black string bikini, into the living room with a leash and collar.  Mistress Tilly is wearing her patent leather catsuit and high heeled black boots, and looking VERY sexy as well!  Tilly commands Hollywood to kneel on the floor.  She berates Hollywood for poor performance of her duties and tells her that she must be punished.  Tilly then orders Hollywood to lie face down on the couch.  Mistress Tilly then ties Hollywood in a strict hogtie.  She then begins to tickle Hollywood's bare feet.  Hollywood struggles and cries out pleading to her mistress to stop.  This just enrages Tilly who puts her hand over Hollywood's mouth and tells her to shut up!  Tilly continues tickling her poor slave on her ribs, knees, armpits, and feet.  Eventually tiring of the punishment, Tilly gags Hollywood and tells her to think about what she did wrong.  Tilly then leaves Hollywood to struggle in vain against her strict hogtie.

DMP-003 Detective Hollywood and The Poison Anklet (2 Parts)

Detective Hollywood enters the room searching for clues to the whereabouts of the the Anklet Bandit.  She is looking sexy in her signature black leather dress and high heels.  As she searches the room, she hears a noise and realizes that knockout gas is being pumped into the room.  She soon passes out and falls on the couch.  Once she is unconscious, an unseen Villian enters the frame, removes her shoes and rubs her feet before unzipping her dress to reveal her sexy, skimpy black bikini, playing with her belly button ring.  Detective Hollywood awakens to find herself wearing only her bikini, bound tightly to a chair by her wrists, and that her knees have been tied together.  She then realizes that the Anklet Bandit is in the room and one of his signature poison anklets is on her ankle!!  The Anklet Bandit begins to torture Detective Hollywood to make the poison enter her system faster.  Detective Hollywood is tickled repeatedly on her knees, ribs, feet, with a little bit of belly button play.  Detective Hollywood struggles to break free of her bonds, but she is tied very tightly and her struggles appear to be in vain.  During her tussle, Detective Hollywood is knocked out several times with sleepy gas and she becomes weaker and weaker as the poison begins to take affect on her...  Does she get away or is she just another victim of the Anklet Bandit?  Get this HOT video and find out!!  This is Hollywood at her absolute best!  No one plays the "Damsel in Distress" quite like her.

DMP-002 Hollywood By Her Hair (2 Parts)

Hollywood arrives for what she believes is a photo shoot.  She is wearing a black button down shirt and short black shorts with heels, looking similar to Daisy Duke.  She begins to practice posing to get ready for the photo shoot and gradually removes her shirt and shorts to reveal her sexy USA bikini.  As she is posing, Jennifer Thomas sneaks up from behind and hits her over the head with a billy club.  Hollywood is knocked down and Jennifer pounces.  Hollywood is never really in this fight as she is beaten badly and controlled by her hair.  She suffers through hammerlocks, camel clutches, hair pulling, belly punching and stomps, multiple knock-outs, legs scissors to her head and stomach, the Boston Crab, and much much more.  Hollywood is left tied up on the floor unconscious as the end.  If you are a fan of a complete domination match, then this is the video for you!

David Marks Productions would like to sincerely thank Hollywould Productions for shooting this video on location in Los Angeles!

DMP-001 The Adventures of Wonder Lucy Episode 1 (3 Parts)

Wonder Womyn has been kidnapped and the commissioner, Steve Trevor, and IADC want to know what happened to her.  In an effort to find answers, they dispatch her sister, Wonder Lucy, to find some answers.  Wonder Lucy tracks down one of the kidnappers but while she is searching his lair for clues, she is attacked from behind by the kidnapper who uses a tainted cloth to subdue her and neutralize her super powers!  Wonder Lucy tries to fight back, but in her weakened state she suffers a beat down from the kidnapper and is knocked out.  The kidnapper then puts Wonder Lucy in a bondage tie and leaves her.  She awakens several hours later and the kidnapper informs her that she may be able to leave if she can pass his "bondage test,"  Seeing no other options, Wonder Lucy agrees.  She is subjected to several bondage positions, including being gagged with a ball gag and a ring gag, and struggles for her freedom.  Does she get away or is she sold into slavery like her sister?  Get this hot new video from David Marks Productions today to find out!!



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