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DMP-018 The Tickle Torture of Agent Hollywood (2 Parts) S

Agent Hollywood enters wearing a white blouse, black skirt, and black heels. She begins searching for clues and notices that the villains are looking at her on the internet! As she continues to look for clues, she hears gas and succumbs to it. When she awakens, her wrists are bound behind her and her ankles are crossed and tied. The villain tells her that she is to be interrogated as her slowly removes her shoes. A defiant Agent Hollywood tells him that she will never break, but her show of strength may be in vain as he tells her that they know her weakness and begins to tickle her feet, knees, and ribs. The veteran agent puts up a strong front and is able to thwart the evil man’s attempts at gaining information. However, he knocks her out for a more “intense” session. When she reawakens, Agent Hollywood is lying on a table with her hands bound over her head and feet tied to the table. The vile man begins to tickle torture Agent Hollywood’s defenseless belly with many objects including vampire gloves and a pen. Nothing is left to chance as Hollywood’s mid-section is tickling relentlessly and her belly button gets special attention! Does she break or does she keep her secret?

DMP-019 Hollywood "Frozen" (2 Parts) S

A masked man carries Hollywood into a room, she is wearing an animal print top, black mini skirt, black tight highs, and black heels. The evil does takes his time and runs his hand over Hollywood’s body before slowly removing her shoes and clothing until she is wearing just a garter belt and her underwear. The man leaves and returns with a white lotion and puts on gloves before he begins to rub the lotion onto Hollywood’s body. She awakens and realizes that she cannot move! The villain informs her that she is to be turned into a living, breathing mannequin for display. Hollywood struggles in vain as the lotion takes effect. The man takes great pleasure to placing her in various positions and mocking her. Eventually, she cannot even talk and is left sitting in a chair struggling to try and talk. Can she get away?

DMP-038 Princess Leia in "Jabba's Prisoner" (2 Parts) S

Did you ever wonder what exactly Princess Leia had to do while she was a prisoner of Jabba the Hutt? Well, Star Wars fans, here is a little fan fiction scenario just for you. Princess Leia is forced to dress in a purple dancer’s one piece and “audition” for a spot in the main audience chamber of Jabba’s Lair. Her initial dance performance is not very well received and she is knocked out by gas. We then see her in a harem two piece while Jabba’s tail runs over her body and eventually wraps around her and begins to squeeze. Princess Leia pleads with Jabba for another chance as she struggles to free herself from his ever tightening tail. Jabba eventually relents and gives the poor abused princess one more chance, does she pass or is she fed to the Rancor?

DMP-015 Wonder Womyn Kidnapped (3 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn has gone undercover to find out why the wives of so many wealthy men are going missing. She is posing as a rich man's wife during a family vacation when she receives a note telling her she won a "free" cruise. Taking this as a possible clue to her investigation, she arrives, wearing a tank top, Daisy Duke shorts, and black boots, to nab the villains. Things do not go as planned as the leader of the group knows who she is and anticipates her arrival. WW is captured, tied up, and gagged with a rag. She struggles on the floor as the sinister man taunts her about her "husband" and family. WW endures several different ties, including being tied to a coffee table, before the villain reveals that they know who she is! He drops her costume in front of her as she is bound on the couch and tells her that she is not going anywhere... Does WW escape and save the day, or does she fall victim to this evil plot?

DMP-043 Hollywood by Her Hair Part 2 (2 Parts) S

Following the events of DMP-002, Hollywood has been moved to a remote location. The camera opens on her, unconscious, lying on the floor still in her sexy USA bikini. Jennifer walks in on the phone stating that Hollywood is "ready for transport" but that she is to "soften her up" a bit more first. What ensues is a brutal beatdown of the poor broken Hollywood as she is subjected to hair pulling, belly punches, belly stomps, the fireman's carry, back breakers, sleep holds, the camel clutch and much, much more. All poor, poor Hollywood can do is moan and utter a few words as she struggles to survive the beating the Jennifer dishes out. In the end, Hollywood is tied up and left with a note on her as to where she is going next. What could be instore for her when she arrives there?

DMP-023 Revenge (2 Parts) S

Ms. Audrey is a bitchy supervisor that needs to be taught a lesson. Her direct reports set her up by inviting her to a fake meeting. Not suspecting anything, Audrey shows up at a local dungeon wearing a teal top and light color skirt. She is enters the room and is confronted by a masked man. He informs her of why she is there and when she tries to escape, the door is locked! Audrey is forced out of her clothes revealing her black bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Her arms are then bound behind her back and she is forced over the man's knee and given a sensual spanking. After the spanking, she is led from the room for more "reeducation" in another room. Audrey is eventually brought back and her top is removed before she is attached to a spanking chair and she is again spanked and paddled with various implements. Does her attitude change?

DMP-036 Stacy vs. Tanya (3 Parts) S

Stacy, the reigning champion, is posing for photos in the ring. She is topless wearing a black g-string. Tanya, the challenger, enters wearing a USA bikini top and Daisy Duke short shorts. The two women argue about the "dress code" for the match to which Tanya appears to have been misinformed. Stacy strips Tanya down to her USA g-string and a match begins. It is 9 falls to decided the winner, and nothing seems to go right for the challenger. Stacy dominates the match from beginning to end, forcing a struggling Tanya to submit to the camel clutch, Boston Crab, breast smother, sleeper hold, and many, many more sadistic holds... Tanya is completely defeated and humiliated by the end of the match as the champion stands tall in victory. There is plenty of in-ring catfight action in the this video!

DMP-011 Post Match Recovery (2 Parts) S

Hollywood is sitting in David's office again looking upset wearing a Daisy Duke style outfit.  She tells David that she "lost her ass" in the match and can't understand why.  David asks her what she wore for the match and Hollywood removes her shorts and top to reveal a skimpy black and yellow bikini.  David says that she probably "pissed off" Jennifer with her choice of bikini.  At his request, Hollywood shows David the various places that really hurt her.  He then has her lie on the couch and as soothing music plays, he give his beaten up friend a full body massage.  The massage helps Hollywood recover from her beating and she leaves anxious for a rematch!

DMP-020 Hands On Ms. Marvelous Pt. 1 (2 Parts) S

Having been captured by the evil Dr. Vile, Ms. Marvelous (Hollywood) is lead into the room like a dog dressed in her yellow and black one piece, by The Red Menance (Sumiko) dressed in a smoking hot red bikini. The Red Menance has been hired to "break" Ms. Marvelous so she can be sold at the slave auction. Poor Ms. Marvelous really takes a beating, she is subjected to leg scissors, belly punching, multiple knockouts, choke holds, the camel clutch, and much, much more. She struggles in vain to get away from her attacker, but the brutal henchwoman just delivers more punishment. Eventually, Ms. Marvelous is stripped to her tiny yellow and black bikini, but the punishment never stops!

DMP-035 Wonder Womyn vs Gargantua (2 Parts) S

Gargantua! Wonder Womyn receives an anonymous tip that her old nemesis/friend Gargantua has been kidnapped! She has tracked the evil doers to their secret lair, but is she too late to save help her friend... This video is full of bear hugs, rag dolls, knockouts, chokes, and much, much more. If you are a fan of old school WW, than this is the video for you. Wonder Womyn struggles to gain the upper hand against this beast throughout the video, are her magic powers enough? Get this HOT video and find out!!

DMP-021 Hands On Ms. Marvelous Pt. 2 - Enslaved! (2 Parts) S

After suffering a severe beating at the hands of The Red Menance, Ms. Marvelous (Hollywood), has been sold to the Defiant Princess (CeCe Lee). Ms. Marvelous wakes up in a strange place wearing only her black and yellow bikini. She notices a harem outfit lying next to her and reads the note that accompanies it. It instructs her to change into the harem outfit and "be ready" for when the Defiant Princess arrives. Having no choice, Ms. Marvelous changes clothes. As she is putting on her outfit, the Defiant Princess arrives and tells Ms. Marvelous that she is to enslaved for her pleasure! What ensues is a sensual beat down, where the Defiant Princess abuses Ms. Marvelous with sleeper holds, belly punches, and many other torturous techniques, but those beatings are countered with hands being rubbed softly over Ms. Marvelous' unconscious form. Does Ms. Marvelous win the day and escape? Or are her struggles all in vain?

DMP-034 Saharra vs. Hollywood (3 Parts) S

Shot on location by DT Productions, this pro style match is what you have asked for! Hollywood is the sexy champion looking hot in her bright red bikini. Saharra is the Amazon challenger dressed and ready for combat. Saharra wastes no time in demolishing poor Hollywood. Struggle as she may, Hollywood appears to me no match for Saharra. The wicked woman easily defeats the champ in a test of strength, she subjects her to cradles, leg scissors, belly punching, hanging from the ropes, sleeper holds, bear hugs, and much, much more! Does the champ recover and win the day? Get this awesome match and find out!

DMP-033 Deconstructing Stacy (3 Parts) S

The lovely Stacy Burke, dressed in jeans and white t-shirt, appears in the ring to face her foe Saharra Huxly, dressed in black, to try and get Saharra to stop blackmailing her. Poor Stacy unknowingly walks into a trap and the brutal Saharra picks her up in a torture rack and makes her squeal in pain before dumping Stacy to the mat and stripping her to her purple and green thong. Things never get better for poor, poor Stacy as she is forced to suffer through atomic drops, belly punching, breast and crotch abuse, more torture racks, back breakers, she is laid acorss the ring ropes in the corner and abused, and much, much more. Struggle as she may, Stacy is just putty in the hands of the massive Saharra. Does she survive? Does she come back and win the day? Get this awesoem video and find out!

DMP-032 WW in "Finishing the Job" (2 Parts) S

WW (played by Goldie Blair) has retreated to her bedroom after the events of DMP-005 Humiliating Superman.  She is pissed off and not satisfied with Superman's efforts to satisfy her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.  WW slowly strips off her belt, corset, and skirt.  She then rubs lotion on her breasts and begins to masturbate.  Still not satisfied, she continues her masturbation using a vibrating dildo and vibrator.  After passing out from multiple orgasms, she wakes up and decides to call Superman with a wicked smile on her face.  What could she be up to next?

DMP-031 Police Brutality (2 Parts) S

Officer Sarah Brooke, sexist officer on the force, is investigating a surge in drug sales in the local neighborhood.  She arrives at the home of Audrey, a private businesswoman, who is suspected on being the kingpin in the new cartel.  The two ladies enter into some small talk before Officer Brooke makes the mistake of asking for a drink because she is so thirsty from her investigation.  Audrey slips her a tainted beverage that soon renders the officer unconscious.  The evil doer then ties up the helpless officer and interrogates her to see what she knows.  Poor Sarah is forced to endure cropping, tickling, foot tickling, a ball gag, and much, much more!  Does all her struggling pay off and help her get free to turn the tables on Audrey?  Get this HOT video and find out!!

DMP-010 Pre Match Stretch (2 Parts) S

Hollywood has a huge match coming up against Jennifer Thomas and she is uncharacteristically worried about it.  Dressed in tight black workout clothes, she goes to the office of her massage therapist friend, David, to get ready for the match.  David helps her loosen up in preparation for the match by having her do a bunch of stretches.  Hollywood stretches her hamstrings, quads, calves, hip flexors, etc.  David even rubs Hollywood's feet to make sure they are ready to go for her match.  This video features lots of long slow camera pans of Hollywood's amazing figure and some good close-ups of her bare feet.

DMP-016 Wonder Womyn vs The M & M Bandit (2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn arrives in the green room to be interviewed about her upcoming movie.  She spies a bowl of M&M's on the table and decides to have a couple before the interview because she is hungry.  Before she knows it, she has eaten the entire bowl and starts to feel sick... A voice tells her to finish the last M&M and then has her use her lasso on herself!  Before the poor defenseless heroine can comprehend what is happening to her, the villainous voice has her admit how to she can be taken prisoner and she vows to obey his every command!  Things do not go well from here, Wonder Womyn is told that she has eaten M&M's laced with a mind control drug and no matter how hard she struggles, she cannot break free.  The evil voice commands her to beat herself up with stomach blows, chokes, hand of mouth knockouts, and much more.  Wonder Womyn is forced to remove her corset and pull down the zipper on her bikini top.  Once her corset is removed, the torment continues as she must tickle herself and continue to beat herself up!  Does she break free and escape or is she taken prisoner?

DMP-017 Wonder Womyn in "The Nylon Trap"(2 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn returns home tired after a long day of fighting crime.  She sees a mysterious gold bag on her table and a note.  She reads the note out loud and finds that a fan has sent her a new pair of tights.  She excitedly puts them on and discovers another note on the table...  The second note reveals that she is wearing a pair of "mind control tights" and she must do everything listed in the note!  Our trapped heroine struggles against the power of the tights but in the end she continues reading the note and find that she must give herself belly punches.  Things continue to get worse for the tortured Amazon Princess as she is forced to bang her head into the wall, tickle herself, give herself more belly punches, knock herself out multiple times, and much, much more.  Does she resist the power of the tights and get away or does the mysterious sender of the tights kidnap poor, beaten WW for more torment another day?

DMP-013 Princess Leia Harem SLAVE (2 Parts) S

When last we saw Princess Leia, she had been sold to a new master and tortured at the hands of a dark Jedi.  The enslaved princess is commanded into the room at the beginning of this video, and seemingly in a trance, our embattled heroine is commanded to brush her hair after which she is forced to tickle herself unconscious by tickling her belly and armpits.  Once recovered, her master has her rub lotion over her legs and feet while he watches for his amusement.  After the vile man is satisfied that she has take care of her skin properly, he commands her to beat herself up!  The poor princess is forced to give herself many hard stomach punches that cause her to cry out in pain.  It turns out that her new master may not be all bad, as he does allow her to eat some healthy snacks of grapes and cheese.  In a not totally unexpected turn of events, the video continues with the evil doer commanding his slave to rub her hands over her body and finally to choke herself unconscious.  Can Princess Leia break free or is she led away to perform more duties of a slave?

DMP-014 Enslaving Ms. Robin (3 Parts) S

Ms. Robin (played by Carissa M) has entered the lair of a notorious sex slaver without any backup and against the advice of Batman and Superman.  She begins to search the lair of the evil doer and finds a paper with a potential clue under a table.  When she crawls under the table and starts reading the paper, a mysterious hand slams the cage doors shut and locks her inside.  Gas is heard and Ms. Robin falls unconscious.  She awakens strapped to a bondage table and struggles to free herself.  The leader of the slave ring enters and informs her that she is to be "trained" to be one of his slaves, through a process he calls pain and pleasure!  Ms. Robin endures cropping, flogging, forced orgasms, and much, much more as she is strapped to a bondage horse, St. Andrew's cross (where she is interrogated using WW's lasso), and the bondage table.  She even suffers an extreme humiliation in her "final exam," but does she break or break free and save the day?

DMP-009 To Catch a Spy (3 Parts) S

With Wonder Womyn and Wonder Lucy both missing, the IADC has called in Agent Tilly, from the Irish Intelligence Service, to find them hoping that an outsider will have better luck tracking their captors.  The sexy spy enters the room wearing her black leather catsuit and black boots.  She begins searching for clues throughout the lair only to become frustrated at the lack of evidence.  Suddenly she hears gas and is knocked unconscious.  Our hapless heroine awakens to find herself hogtied.  She struggles against her bonds but struggle as she may, she cannot break free.  The nefarious villain enters the room and taunts the captured spy.  He soon tires of her mouth, forces her to wear a ball gag, and leaves the room.  Tiring of the noises of Agent Tilly's struggles, he returns and knocks her out with a tainted cloth.  When next we see Agent Tilly she is bound to a door with her wrists above her and her catsuit has been pulled down to her waist revealing her Irish green bikini top.  The villain enters and removes her ball gag while informing her that she will be tortured for information.  The evildoer then begins to torture the agent with a riding crop, vampire gloves, billy club, and many more dastardly devices.  At one point he removes her bikini top to continue the torture on more "sensitive" areas of her anatomy.  Does Agent Tilly break?  Or does she break free and save the day?

DMP-012 Princess Leia in "Struggle, Princess, Struggle" (2 Parts) S

Princess Leia has been sold to a new master by Jabba the Hutt.  She awakens in a strange place wearing an extremely sexy new slave outfit.  The enslaved princess begins to struggle against her bounds which have her wrists attached to her thighs.  She struggles in vain to get free, then suddenly she realizes that she is not alone!  A mysterious hand enters the frame and she begins to choke as if "The Force" is being used...  The helpless slave is choked several times by the mysterious hand and soon falls unconscious.  When the beaten heroine awakens again, she notices that her bounds are gone, but the mysterious figure is still standing off camera watching her.  She is able to figure out that he is a Dark Jedi.  This unseen villain uses "The Force" to torture the poor princess.  He forces her to punch herself in the belly repeatedly, choke herself out, use a special nerve technique on her temple to make her unconscious and many more dastardly torments!  Does Princess Leia escape?  Get this HOT video and find out!  Editors Note: Hollywood has never looked hotter playing Slave Leia than in this video!!

DMP-008 Agent Tilly & The Poison Anklet (2 Parts) S

Special Agent Tilly is in search of Agent Hollywood who disappeared while looking for the Poison Anklet bandit.  Carrying her weapon and dressed in a pencil skirt, white blouse, black jacket and heels, she begins searching the nefarious lair looking for clues to Agent Hollywood's disappearance.  While searching without calling for backup, our hapless agent hears gas and is soon rendered unconscious.  She awakens to find herself tied to a chair in her underwear.  She begins to struggle, only to realize that she has been fitted with a poison anklet and the bandit is in the room with her!  She pleads with the criminal to let her go and continues to struggle in vain against her bonds as she is tickled by the evil villain and the poison begins to take affect on her body.  She is again rendered unconscious by this sadistic madman and his instruments of torment.  When she awakens again, she tied up topless on the couch.  She again begins to plead with her captor and struggles to break free.  Does she escape or does the poison take control like it did with Agent Hollywood?

DMP-007 Tilly's Pet (2 Parts) S

We welcome Tilly McReese to David Marks Productions with this sexy video recorded especially for POV hypnosis fans!!  Mistress Tilly enters her bedroom wearing a sexy black dress, fishnet stockings, and black heels.  She sits down and tells her "pet" (POV video viewer) to come closer and not to be so shy.  She begins to speak in Gaelic, which begins to hypnotize the unsuspecting newcomer, and notices how her pet is looking at her, which pleases her.  The Irish temptress continues to seduce her new pet by having him unzip her dress.   She then slowly removes her dress to reveal her black lace panties and fishnet garter.  This sexy woman continues to hypnotically seduce her new boy toy as she ever so slowly removes her panties, stockings, and garter.  She rubs her hands over her body teasing her pet and further hypnotizing him.  In the end, the pet succumbs to her hypnosis and readily says, "Yes, Mistress" when commanded to run her a bath.

DMP-004 Batgirl Gets Spanked by Lady Pain (2 Parts) S

The nefarious super villain, Lady Pain (played by Hollywood), is relaxing at home after just getting out of prison.  She is dressed a tight black miniskirt, sexy red tank top, black tights, and knee high black boots.  She comments about how she is bored and leaves a message for "the Bat Bitch" and tells her that if she wants to know where Robin is, she better show up before midnight.  Batgirl arrives dressed in her tight costume and asks Lady Pain about Robin.  The sly villain responds by telling her that she will find out, but first she must be "put in her place."  A war of words ensues and Lady Pain forces our hero admit that she is really there to be punished and that her ass belongs to Lady Pain!  Batgirl is forced to bend over Lady Pain's lap and after some verbal humiliation, the villain begins to deliver an intense spanking.  The spanking is not only intense, it is unrelenting!  Lady Pain shows her true evil side as she mixes up the spanking with wedgies and even pulls up Batgirl's costume and spanks her nearly bare bottom.  As the punishment continues, our heroine loses her outer costume at one point and is reduced to her thong one piece outfit.  As she continues to plead for Robin's safety, the beatings and verbal humiliation continue and get more and more intense.  Does the pleading help?  Does Batgirl save Robin or does she just become Lady Pain's "Little Bat Bitch"?  Get this super hot video and find out!!

DMP-005 Humiliating Superman (2 Parts) S

This video is the David Marks Productions debut of the gorgeous Goldie Blair!  The video opens with Goldie looking smoking hot dressed as Wonder Womyn.  She is soon joined by Superman and she is pissed off at him for talking trash about her to Batman!  A fight breaks out between the two and Wonder Womyn quickly drops Superman with a knee to groin.  The SuperHeroine presses her advantage and delivers some punches to Superman's face and a kick to the mid-section.  Things don't get any better for poor Superman, she continues to beat him down with more punches and kicks and she even adds in a leg scissors or two to his head.  The warrior then puts her magic lasso around his neck and chokes him only to notice that Superman is appearing to become aroused!  Wonder Womyn forces him into a breast smother and then drags him across the room by the lasso around his neck.  She then forces Superman to masturbate in his costume while he performs oral sex on her!  In the end, she berates Superman for making a mess of himself and stomps on his balls as she walks away triumphant in her victory!

DMP-006 SLAVE - Hogtie Tickle (2 Parts) S

Mistress Tilly is most displeased with her new slave, Hollywood.  She leads a bare foot Hollywood, who is dressed in a sexy black string bikini, into the living room with a leash and collar.  Mistress Tilly is wearing her patent leather catsuit and high heeled black boots, and looking VERY sexy as well!  Tilly commands Hollywood to kneel on the floor.  She berates Hollywood for poor performance of her duties and tells her that she must be punished.  Tilly then orders Hollywood to lie face down on the couch.  Mistress Tilly then ties Hollywood in a strict hogtie.  She then begins to tickle Hollywood's bare feet.  Hollywood struggles and cries out pleading to her mistress to stop.  This just enrages Tilly who puts her hand over Hollywood's mouth and tells her to shut up!  Tilly continues tickling her poor slave on her ribs, knees, armpits, and feet.  Eventually tiring of the punishment, Tilly gags Hollywood and tells her to think about what she did wrong.  Tilly then leaves Hollywood to struggle in vain against her strict hogtie.

DMP-003 Detective Hollywood and The Poison Anklet (2 Parts) S

Detective Hollywood enters the room searching for clues to the whereabouts of the the Anklet Bandit.  She is looking sexy in her signature black leather dress and high heels.  As she searches the room, she hears a noise and realizes that knockout gas is being pumped into the room.  She soon passes out and falls on the couch.  Once she is unconscious, an unseen Villian enters the frame, removes her shoes and rubs her feet before unzipping her dress to reveal her sexy, skimpy black bikini, playing with her belly button ring.  Detective Hollywood awakens to find herself wearing only her bikini, bound tightly to a chair by her wrists, and that her knees have been tied together.  She then realizes that the Anklet Bandit is in the room and one of his signature poison anklets is on her ankle!!  The Anklet Bandit begins to torture Detective Hollywood to make the poison enter her system faster.  Detective Hollywood is tickled repeatedly on her knees, ribs, feet, with a little bit of belly button play.  Detective Hollywood struggles to break free of her bonds, but she is tied very tightly and her struggles appear to be in vain.  During her tussle, Detective Hollywood is knocked out several times with sleepy gas and she becomes weaker and weaker as the poison begins to take affect on her...  Does she get away or is she just another victim of the Anklet Bandit?  Get this HOT video and find out!!  This is Hollywood at her absolute best!  No one plays the "Damsel in Distress" quite like her.

DMP-002 Hollywood By Her Hair (2 Parts) S

Hollywood arrives for what she believes is a photo shoot.  She is wearing a black button down shirt and short black shorts with heels, looking similar to Daisy Duke.  She begins to practice posing to get ready for the photo shoot and gradually removes her shirt and shorts to reveal her sexy USA bikini.  As she is posing, Jennifer Thomas sneaks up from behind and hits her over the head with a billy club.  Hollywood is knocked down and Jennifer pounces.  Hollywood is never really in this fight as she is beaten badly and controlled by her hair.  She suffers through hammerlocks, camel clutches, hair pulling, belly punching and stomps, multiple knock-outs, legs scissors to her head and stomach, the Boston Crab, and much much more.  Hollywood is left tied up on the floor unconscious as the end.  If you are a fan of a complete domination match, then this is the video for you!

David Marks Productions would like to sincerely thank Hollywould Productions for shooting this video on location in Los Angeles!

DMP-001 The Adventures of Wonder Lucy Episode 1 (3 Parts) S

Wonder Womyn has been kidnapped and the commissioner, Steve Trevor, and IADC want to know what happened to her.  In an effort to find answers, they dispatch her sister, Wonder Lucy, to find some answers.  Wonder Lucy tracks down one of the kidnappers but while she is searching his lair for clues, she is attacked from behind by the kidnapper who uses a tainted cloth to subdue her and neutralize her super powers!  Wonder Lucy tries to fight back, but in her weakened state she suffers a beat down from the kidnapper and is knocked out.  The kidnapper then puts Wonder Lucy in a bondage tie and leaves her.  She awakens several hours later and the kidnapper informs her that she may be able to leave if she can pass his "bondage test,"  Seeing no other options, Wonder Lucy agrees.  She is subjected to several bondage positions, including being gagged with a ball gag and a ring gag, and struggles for her freedom.  Does she get away or is she sold into slavery like her sister?  Get this hot new video from David Marks Productions today to find out!!



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