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hDDMP-013 Princess Leia Harem SLAVE




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TITLE: Princess Leia Harem SLAVE Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 7 3/4 MINUTES

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TITLE: Princess Leia Harem SLAVE Part 2 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 7 3/4 MINUTES

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TITLE: Princess Leia Harem SLAVE Complete COST: 15 TOKENS ~ 15:12 MINUTES

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Description of DMP-013:

When last we saw Princess Leia, she had been sold to a new master and tortured at the hands of a dark Jedi.  The enslaved princess is commanded into the room at the beginning of this video, and seemingly in a trance, our embattled heroine is commanded to brush her hair after which she is forced to tickle herself unconscious by tickling her belly and armpits.  Once recovered, her master has her rub lotion over her legs and feet while he watches for his amusement.  After the vile man is satisfied that she has take care of her skin properly, he commands her to beat herself up!  The poor princess is forced to give herself many hard stomach punches that cause her to cry out in pain.  It turns out that her new master may not be all bad, as he does allow her to eat some healthy snacks of grapes and cheese.  In a not totally unexpected turn of events, the video continues with the evil doer commanding his slave to rub her hands over her body and finally to choke herself unconscious.  Can Princess Leia break free or is she led away to perform more duties of a slave?






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