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hDDMP-017 Wonder Womyn in "The Nylon Trap"




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TITLE: WW in "The Nylon Trap" Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in "The Nylon Trap" Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in "The Nylon Trap" Complete COST: 17 TOKENS ~ 16:52 MINUTES

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Description of DMP-017:

Wonder Womyn returns home tired after a long day of fighting crime.  She sees a mysterious gold bag on her table and a note.  She reads the note out loud and finds that a fan has sent her a new pair of tights.  She excitedly puts them on and discovers another note on the table...  The second note reveals that she is wearing a pair of "mind control tights" and she must do everything listed in the note!  Our trapped heroine struggles against the power of the tights but in the end she continues reading the note and find that she must give herself belly punches.  Things continue to get worse for the tortured Amazon Princess as she is forced to bang her head into the wall, tickle herself, give herself more belly punches, knock herself out multiple times, and much, much more.  Does she resist the power of the tights and get away or does the mysterious sender of the tights kidnap poor, beaten WW for more torment another day?



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