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hhhhDMP-063 Supergyrl Betrayed




TITLE: Supergyrl Betrayed Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Supergyrl Betrayed Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Supergyrl Betrayed Complete COST: 18 TOKENS 17:07 MINUTES




Description of DMP-063:

Supergyrl, played by Hollywood, has been lured to a remote dungeon by a double agent, played by Skyler Grey, where it is believed that prisoners are taken to extract information from them. As they survey the room, Ms. Grey presses a button on her phone and Supergyrl begins to feel weak. The villain pulls a weapon on the unsuspecting heroine describes how she had special rods placed in the walls that will nullify Supergyrl's powers. A brief beatdown ensues and Supergyrl is left out cold on the floor. It doesn't end there for the poor defenseless hero, as she is strapped to various pieces of equipment in the room and black mail photos are taken. Supergyrl struggles to free herself from her bonds, but in her weakened condition, all she can do is sturggle helplessly as her stomach is abused with punches and she takes several upper cuts all while strapped the St. Andrew's Cross. In the final scene, Supergyrl is strapped down on a table as the wicked woman details how she is to be sold! Can Supergyrl escape??




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