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hhhhDMP-022 Hands on Ms. Marvelous - Pt. 3 - The Rescue




TITLE: Ms. Marvelous - The Rescue Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8.25 MINUTES

TITLE: Ms. Marvelous - The Rescue Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8.25 MINUTES

TITLE: Ms. Marvelous - The Rescue Complete COST: 17 TOKENS 16:34 MINUTES




Description of DMP-022:

Following beatings at the hands of the Red Menace (DMP-020) and Defiant Princess (DMP-021), Ms. Marvelous starts out being power bombed onto the bed of her cell. The masked man prowls his prey as Ms. Marvelous moans. The would be evil doer forces Ms. Marvelous to sit up but instead of pressing his attack, he reveals that he is there to rescue her! However, he is posing as a new hire for the evil villains behind her abduction so they must make things "look good" for the hidden cameras. What ensues is an alternating beat down of Ms. Marvelous followed by the man rubbing his hands over Ms. Marvelous' body to wake her up. The fake villain explains that this treatment is meant to "train" new slaves to accept the touch of their new masters. Ms. Marvelous is subjected to foot tickling, rib tickling, various stretching holds, sleeper holds, and much more as she struggles to prove that she is being "trained" by her new accomplice. Do they put a good enough show for her to escape?




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