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hhhhDMP-061 Wonder Womyn in "The Tickle Trap"




TITLE: WW in "The Tickle Trap" Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: WW in "The Tickle Trap" Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: WW in "The Tickle Trap" Complete COST: $19 19:00 MINUTES




Description of DMP-061:

Wonder Womyn, played by Hollywood, enters an apartment looking for clues. An alarm sounds and she silences it. As she looks around the room, she hears gas and tries to escape only to be shocked by the door handle. She awakens tied to a luggage cart after a slap to her mid section. Her captor taunts her with her belt and lasso and tries to find out why she is there. The villain begins to tickle torture WW on her knees and feet. He leaves her tied to the luggage cart as the camera fades out. WW awakens bound in a different manner on the bed only wearing her bikini. The man returns and torments WW with an electric toothbrush as she struggles against her bonds. Does she break and tell him everything or does she escape and save the day??




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