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hDDMP-021 Hand's On Ms. Marvelous Pt.2 - Enslaved!




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Description of DMP-021:

After suffering a severe beating at the hands of The Red Menance, Ms. Marvelous (Hollywood), has been sold to the Defiant Princess (CeCe Lee). Ms. Marvelous wakes up in a strange place wearing only her black and yellow bikini. She notices a harem outfit lying next to her and reads the note that accompanies it. It instructs her to change into the harem outfit and "be ready" for when the Defiant Princess arrives. Having no choice, Ms. Marvelous changes clothes. As she is putting on her outfit, the Defiant Princess arrives and tells Ms. Marvelous that she is to enslaved for her pleasure! What ensues is a sensual beat down, where the Defiant Princess abuses Ms. Marvelous with sleeper holds, belly punches, and many other torturous techniques, but those beatings are countered with hands being rubbed softly over Ms. Marvelous' unconscious form. Does Ms. Marvelous win the day and escape? Or are her struggles all in vain?


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