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hDDMP-005 Humiliating Superman




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Description of DMP-005:

This video is the David Marks Productions debut of the gorgeous Goldie Blair!  The video opens with Goldie looking smoking hot dressed as Wonder Womyn.  She is soon joined by Superman and she is pissed off at him for talking trash about her to Batman!  A fight breaks out between the two and Wonder Womyn quickly drops Superman with a knee to groin.  The SuperHeroine presses her advantage and delivers some punches to Superman's face and a kick to the mid-section.  Things don't get any better for poor Superman, she continues to beat him down with more punches and kicks and she even adds in a leg scissors or two to his head.  The warrior then puts her magic lasso around his neck and chokes him only to notice that Superman is appearing to become aroused!  Wonder Womyn forces him into a breast smother and then drags him across the room by the lasso around his neck.  She then forces Superman to masturbate in his costume while he performs oral sex on her!  In the end, she berates Superman for making a mess of himself and stomps on his balls as she walks away triumphant in her victory!


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