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hhhhDMP-018 The Tickle Torture of Agent Hollywood




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TITLE: Tickle Torture Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 8 MINUTES

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Description of DMP-018:

Agent Hollywood enters wearing a white blouse, black skirt, and black heels. She begins searching for clues and notices that the villains are looking at her on the internet! As she continues to look for clues, she hears gas and succumbs to it. When she awakens, her wrists are bound behind her and her ankles are crossed and tied. The villain tells her that she is to be interrogated as her slowly removes her shoes. A defiant Agent Hollywood tells him that she will never break, but her show of strength may be in vain as he tells her that they know her weakness and begins to tickle her feet, knees, and ribs. The veteran agent puts up a strong front and is able to thwart the evil man’s attempts at gaining information. However, he knocks her out for a more “intense” session. When she reawakens, Agent Hollywood is lying on a table with her hands bound over her head and feet tied to the table. The vile man begins to tickle torture Agent Hollywood’s defenseless belly with many objects including vampire gloves and a pen. Nothing is left to chance as Hollywood’s mid-section is tickling relentlessly and her belly button gets special attention! Does she break or does she keep her secret?




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