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hhhhDMP-082 Hollywood in "Not My Shoes!"



TITLE: Hollywood in "Not My Shoes!" Complete Video COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES




Description of DMP-082:

Hollywood is reviewing a script and while doing so she is enjoying the comfort of her favorite pair of black pumps. She loves the way they feel on her feet as they are well worn and broken in. Hollywood caresses her pumps and her gorgeous gams, promising never to be parted with these shoes. However, a knock at the door brings an evil hencemen sent by a man named Steve! Hollywood lost a match and a bet, and now she must surrender her fav shoes! The henchman forces Hollywood to surrender the shoes, but she tries to cut a deal. The hencemen is having no part of it. He teases her with the shoes, then forces her to smell them! Hollywood gets smothered out and awakens to find her fav shoes are GONE!!!


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