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hhhhDMP-052 Hollywood By Her Hair - Part 3



TITLE: Hollywood By Her Hair Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood By Her Hair Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood By Her Hair Part 3 COST: $8 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood By Her Hair Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of DMP-052:

Following the events of DMP-043, Hollywood (wearing her sexy USA thong bikini) has been left tied up and waiting to be sent to David Marks for further punishment. As Hollywood is lies there, Stacy Burke walks in, wearing a black catsuit and black heels, and is talking on her phone with the mysterious "David." Stacy requests that she is allowed to give Hollywood some "pay back" for all the years of beat downs and humiliations that she has received at Hollywood's hands. Stacy gets permission from the sinister man on the phone and proceeds to untie Hollywood and wake her up. Hollywood is dazed and a bit confused from her prior two beatings at the hands of Jennifer Thomas. Hollywood begins to describe to Stacy how Jennifer pulled her hair and beat her up. Stacy, acting the part of the concerned firends starts asking questions before starting the beatdown all over again! This video is full of moves like the camel clutch, Bostaon crab, sleeper holds, legs scissors, head locks, belly punching, surfboard, foot tickling, and most of all hair pulling! Stacy really gives Hollywood some pay back in this video and completely controls and dominates Hollywood "by her hair" as the title suggestions and when she is finished, Stacy ties up Hollywood, calls David back, and tells him that she is "all his" with a wicked smile on her face.




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