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hhhhDMP-069 It's My Business!



TITLE: It's My Business! Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: It's My Business! Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: It's My Business! Complete COST: $18 17:12 MINUTES




Description of DMP-069:

Stacy Burke, dressed in a pink blouse and black skirt with black heels, is standing in the ring corner with Hollywood, dressed in a black KISS shirt, black skirt, and black heels, standing in the opposite corner, the 2 ladies start arguing about age and sex appeal. Hollywood takes the early advantage and knocks down Stacy putting her in a head scissors. Hollywood taunts her foe and soon releases the hold and pushes for a test of strength. Hollywood gains the upper hand on her shorter opponent, but Stacy struggles back and takes down Hollywood! Hollywood soon reverses the hold and strips Stacy out of her clothes to her underwear. Stacy leaves embarassed and returns in wreslting gear. Stacy takes the upper hand and really puts Hollywood through her paces! Hollywood is beaten down using multiple wreslting holds including the Camel Clutch with fish hooks!! Does Hollywood recover or does Stacy win the day?




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