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hhhhDMP-074 Night, Night, Princess



TITLE: Night, Night, Princess Part 1 COST: $6 ~ 5.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Night, Night, Princess Part 2 COST: $6 ~ 5.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Night, Night, Princess Complete COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of DMP-074:

You asked for it, so you got it! 10 devastating knock-outs all in one video. Harem Slave Princess Hollywood, dressed in her full slave attire has accepted the challenge to gain her freedom. In order to be free she must survive through 10 knockouts and be able to crawl out of the room, only then will she be free. Her captor doesn't make it easy on her at all... He starts with a neck snap from behind that leave her out before she hits the floor. She endures more and more tramatic knock outs from choke holds, sleeper holds, nerve pinches, and much, much more. Does she survive and esape or does the punishment leave her a convulsing heap on the floor?


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