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Description of Hollywood vs Christine:

Hollywood swaggers into the room with her Championship belt slung over her shoulder and Christine stops her, explaining they have a match scheduled today. Hollywood informs her she has other plans, and a disgruntled Christine begins to storm out of the room.
However, Hollywood attacks Christine form behind, smashing her over the head with her belt. Startled and dazed, Christine is throw against the wall and Hollywood works her over with savage punches kicks and knees to the belly, face, and breasts. A vicious low blow sends Christine crashing to the floor. Hollywood is merciless as she pummels Christine's taunt body. Snickering, Hollywood goes out of control, ignoring Christine's pleas for mercy.
Stomps, axe handle blows, and repeated punches reduce Christine to a helpless victim. Hollywood strips Christine of her top and then uses it for choking. Christine can only try to survive as Hollywood pours it on, beating and tossing her about the room. Finally Christine is left k.o.ed on the couch.
Triumphant, Hollywood makes a phone call to inform her other appointment that she will be late. Unfortunately, she should have canceled! Christine awakens and is pissed!!! Taking the belt, Christine ambushes Hollywood, whacking her in the head with the belt and sending her reeling. Christine now gives Hollywood a taste of her own medicine as she begins to choke her violently with her bra. Hollywood struggles desperately as she gasps for air. Christine uses a brutal hangman, and Hollywood almost loses consciousness as Christine lets her collapse to the floor.
Now Christine begins stomping Hollywood's shapely abs with the ferociousness of a soccer player gone wild. Hollywood is then thrown face first into the wall, and Christine hurts her with multiple strikes to the kidneys. Then. Christine turns her around and delivers damaging punches and knees to Hollywood's lower belly, followed by a devastating low blow that puts the champ painfully on the floor. But Christine is far from finished, and she slams Hollywood against the wall and goes to work on her belly, breasts, back, kidneys, and face!!! Hollywood tries to plead for mercy, but it it drowned out by Christine grunts as she exerts herself to maximize her punishment.
Christine continues her relentless beatdown as Hollywood is tossed about the room and worked over. Poor Hollywood becomes the victim of a prolonged beatdown as Christine is very well conditioned, and it appears she is never going to run out of steam!!! Ultimately, Christine k.o.s a very roughed up Hollywood, and exits full of satisfaction as she is the new beholder of the belt!


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