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Monster Huntress 17: Intertwined




TITLE: Monster Huntress 17: Intertwined Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

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Description of Monster Huntress 17: Intertwined

It's a simple enough task: locate, retrieve and ferry the parcel to an AEON safehouse. That was until our intrepid Monster Huntress (GLOW icon Hollywood) opens the wooden, sealed box to reveal a glistening, multi-faceted, obsidian sphere that pulsates with an unearthly aura. Her scrutiny and curiosity is rewarded when she attempts to extricate the alien orb from the receptacle and her hand becomes moored in its trappings - even as sticky strands and webby filaments intertwine about her seeking to entangle, entrap and envelop her in its gossamer folds! Produced, Directed & Concept by Todd A. Kaylor. 



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