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Monster Huntress 12: Tormented



TITLE: Monster Huntress 12: Tormented Complete Video COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

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Description of Monster Huntress 12: Tormented

At her wits end, Monster Huntress (Hollywood) takes matters into her own hands to part ways with a wayward, disembodied skull — the final remains of a practitioner of the black arts that’s been plaguing her since it came into her possession. Tracking down a disciple of the deceased diabolist, she’s relieved to relieve herself of the burden of disposing of it. But, the ambitious acolyte has other, more insidious intentions. He plans to resurrect the sorcerer’s spirit, and the warrior woman will serve as the perfect physical vessel — willing, or not! Now helplessly bound and forced to submit to the minion’s malicious machinations, the defiant heroine can only hope to endure and fight past the waves of anguish, torment, and sadistic torture inflicted upon her taut, vulnerable body, even as she desperately seeks release from the physical and mental bonds within the insidious ‘Red Room’! Produced, Directed, and Concept by Todd A. Kaylor / ATAK Productions.


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