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Monster Huntress 10: Sucker!




TITLE: Monster Huntress 10: Sucker! Complete COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of Monster Huntress 10: Sucker!

A Monster Huntress' duty is never done! Case in Point: our warrior woman (Hollywood) is called upon to corral a lethargic leech that's holed itself in a posh jacuzzi suite. A simple enough task. But, when the baneful bloodsucker lashes out at our surpised heroine, latching its hungry maw on her arm, voraciously, she's in for a serious 'slugfest'! Now, as it cravingly sups upon her and entwines its sinewy length about her toned, taut form in a vice-grip, holding her fast, it will take every ounce of strength, stamina, and determination to break free of the salacious sycophant before it sucks her dry! Produced and directed by Todd A. Kaylor.



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