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Monster Huntress 1: Crawl Space

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Description of Monster Huntress 1: Crawl Space

Beowulf! Artemis! Saint George! Theseus! Ulysses! Uther Pendragon! Van Helsing! They are the stuff of legends! But, a fine line weaves betwixt myth and lore, fact and fiction. It is found in the ancient bloodlines that flow through the eons. A venerable vigil passed down from generation to stave the evil that festers from the first Age of Darkness, lurking midst the shadows, threatening to arise and rain terror, chaos, and destruction upon the world once more. To keep the scourge at bay, stalwart men and women have embraced their heritage and taken arms against the encroaching darkness. Monster hunters, one and all! This is the first of many tales chronicling the deeds (and encounters) of one such 'huntress' - a "Sword For Hire" (portrayed by wrestling sensation Hollywood) of the cabalistic agency, "AEON", tasked with the remorseless eradication of monsters and baneful creatures wherever they may surface. In "Crawl Space," our heroine is called upon to ferret out a wily menace that has taken refuge among a small, residential community in southcentral Pennsylvania. But, little could prepare our warrior-born for the malicious creature's crushing assault that threatens to grind her into pulp! Produced and directed by Todd A. Kaylor.

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