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HPT-003 Tickled Title Shot


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Description of HPT-003 Tickled Title Shot:

Hollywood has received a fax from Frannie which contains a contract in which she will grant a Title shot to her. Hollywood calls Frannie and explains that since she is the Champ, she doesn't have to give Frannie a Title shot since she just doesn't feel like it. As a matter of fact, Hollywood gets quite obnoxious with a quite persistent Frannie. After she hangs the phone up, Hollywood works out a little, then falls fast asleep.


Hollywood is rudely awakened by an unwanted visitor as he gets the jump on her and chokes her unconscious. Next, we find poor Hollywood restrained, and she finds out that the Goon has been sent by Frannie to secure Hollywood's signature on the wrestling contract. Hollywood verbally resists, and the Goon has big plans to extract her John Hancock by applying expert tickling techniques.


We soon find Hollywood thrashing about as her armpits, sides, belly, neck, and entire upper torso get worked over with relentless tickling. Hollywood puts up a valiant battle, but she turns to jello as time goes on and also finds herself on the receiving end of a sedating cloth. Next, the Goon, goes to work on Hollywood's stockinged feet and she thrashes about wildly, laughing but begging for mercy. The Goon doesn't cease until her signature is secured on the contract, and further tickling is finally terminated with the ol' cloth technique.


Tickling and nylon fans will delight with this video as Hollywood delivers the ultimate in sexy submission as she laughs and pleads her way to senseless oblivion in this hot video. Get it and see for yourself!!!



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