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hhhhHP-981 Episode 2: Cooked Crusaders



TITLE: Episode 2: Cooked Crusaders Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

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Description of HP-981:

Bat Womyn (played by the Glamorous Hollywood) & Bat Gurl (played by the spunky Lightning) are back on the job to bring the bad guys to justice.  However, unbeknownst to our heroines, the villains have a new weapon in their arsenal – the paralysis ray app.  Bat Womyn  & Bay Gurl enter the lair and confront the fiendish felons. They beat them up and assume the arrogant “hands on hips” pose, calling on them to come quietly. The boss then turns the tables on the unsuspecting super heroines, trapping them with the paralysis ray and rendering them temporarily immobilized. While the heroines protest the boss and henchman tie them up and carry them off.

The bad guys carry the protesting Bat Womyn  & Bat Gurl into another room and place them on a couch. As the heroines struggle to break free the boss and henchman gloat, then exit. Bat Womyn manages to position her bound feet so Bat Gurl is able to extract a blade from her boot. Bat Gurl then cuts the ropes binding Bat Womyn’s hands. The heroines free themselves and take off after the bad guys.

The boss and henchman are waiting on instructions from their superiors when the heroines enter. Once again they administer their now famous patented super-heroine beat-downs on the bumbling bad guys.  After being knocked silly the cowardly crooks flee the scene.  The caped crime-busters pursue them into another building but the bad guys are nowhere to be found.  As Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl discuss their next move the boss and henchman sneak up behind them and bonk their heads together. The Maidens of Might drop to the floor, down for the count, as the boss and henchman loom menacingly over them.

Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl are brought to another room and placed on separate tables. The bad guys secure the heroines to the tables, tightly binding their hands and feet. The heroines stir and wake up.  The boss taunts the caped captives, explaining that they will be cooked by the special heating lamps positioned over their tables. The heroines struggle and squirm but are unable to break their bonds. The bad guys move the lamps into position, then exit. Bat Womyn notices that there is some play in the ropes securing her feet to the table. With her feet still tightly bound she is able to move the heat lamp over her table so it is now positioned to burn off the rope binding her wrist. Soon her hand is free. Bat Womyn frees herself and unties Bat Gurl. The heroines confer for a moment then take off after the bad guys and bring them to justice.


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