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HP-579 The Future Adventures Of Dark Angel



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Description of HP-579:

Dark Angel rushes into a gym and hides around the corner, with her gun held high, stretching her taunt stomach muscles. The day's stolen cash safely tucked in her belt. The "Bad" Sheriff (Duncan), follows her into the gym. He searches around for our girl (Hollywood) eventually ending up in the ring. Thinking he maybe getting a little, she attempts to climb into the ring behind him. But he sees her and guns her down. She falls outside the ring, leaving her gun in the ring. The Sheriff picks Dark Angel up and throws her into the ring. He fetches a rope, but as he bends over to tie her up, she floors him with a wicked right cross. Her next move is to reach for her gun, but the Sheriff has his gun and uses the butt to KO her. Again he grabs the rope and starts tying up her legs. This time she uses both hands to clobber him in the head, sending him sprawling. After taking the cash back, she reaches for her gun. Back and forth they go. This time the Sheriff uses a right cross to KO the gorgeous thief. Then it is his turn to grab the cash and Dark Angel's turn to KO him. During one exchange they do a little wrestling, using leg scissors, choke holds and body punches. Eventually Dark Angel has the Sheriff out on his back. Thinking she has won, she places her gun in her holster and starts to straighten out the rope. But the Sheriff revives, grabs his gun and gets the jump on Dark Angel. He forces her at gun point to give him the cash. When she complies and hands him the dough, he teases her by dropping the cash on the mat. When she goes down for her "earnings", he grabs the gun out of her holster. Dark Angel manages to get hold of the gun and they fight over it. Hollywood looks terrific when the gun is held high above their heads as she strains every muscle trying to rip the gun out of his hands. Other times the gun is held between them. But this can't last forever. Eventually a shot rings out with one combatant dropping to the mat. Finally the fierce struggle is over. To the victor belongs the spoils. But who wins? The Sheriff or Dark Angel? It is hard to tell the good from the bad in this video. This is another "western" theme video with a gorgeous thief and an evil Sheriff. Of course, the skimpy Dark Angel outfit shows off Hollywood's magnificently toned body to the max and nobody looks sexier lying there helplessly (or not?) on the mat!!!


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