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HP-534 Wonder Womyn in Return of Kaine

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Description of HP-534 Wonder Womyn in Return of Kaine:

When last she encountered Kaine, the hate-fueled spawn of Nasty Ninja, Wonder Womyn had bested the baneful brute and curbed his appetite for vengeance — only to have him slip from her grasp (and bonds), stealthily evading capture. Returning to the scene of the crime, WW’s search for clues of Kaine’s whereabouts only heightens her sense of futility. Weary and frustrated, she finds calm from the chaos of her tedious and trying day in a brief respite. But, her quarry proves to be far more furtive (and determined) than she could possibly fathom! Slipping silently from his shadowy perch, the nefarious nemesis stalks our sleeping heroine, oblivious of the threat that looms before her — that is, until his hands snake around her exposed neck, squeezing the breath from her, in gasps! Desperately struggling to loosen the impossibly strong death-grip methodically tightening about her throat, the Amazing Amazon has barely enough time to voice her agonized defiance before she succumbs to the brutal onslaught. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Kaine removes WW’s Belt of Strength, tossing it aside. Now vulnerable and powerless, Wonder Womyn awakens to a terrible reality, as Kaine proceeds to exact his revenge, ravaging the weakened warrior with a hammering wave of body-bruising, will-breaking blows and KO’s! Is this the beginning of the end for our courageous super-heroine?

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