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HP-286 Hollywood vs Kristiana


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Description of Hollywood vs Kristiana:

Hollywood & Kristiana lock horns in this hard fought battle of tanned & toned beauties. Kristiana is all attitude and seems quite anxious to get a piece of Hollywood. When Hollywood doesn't back down, the room explodes with fury! From the get go, it appears that Kristiana is bent on breaking down Hollywoods tight abs, and she delivers an array of vicious belly punches while she pins Hollywood's hands above her head. As poor Hollywood finds it impossible to escape the furious blows, Kristiana makes matters worse when she digs her fingers deep into Hollywood's belly and works her over with gut wrenching stomach claws. Hollywood gets quite the belly beatdown, and to further weaken her prey, Kristiana uses sleeperholds to render poor Hollywood flaing and senseless until she collapses into a k.o.ed mess.

Kristiana is no doubt looking incredibly sexy as she struts her stuff and dominates her weakened foe. But Hollywood doesn't go down for the count easy, and while Kristiana lavishes the moments as she punishes Hollywood's midsection, she will soon find that payback is sometimes more than a bitch!

Does Hollywood return the favor and turn Kristiana's sculpted abs of steel into abs of jello? Or does Kristiana ultimately prove she is not only show, she is all go baby, and can walk the walk when she talks the talk. Get this hot video and find out!!!



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