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hhhhHP-1042 Detective Holly Ambushed



TITLE: Detective Holly Ambushed Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Holly Ambushed Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Holly Ambushed Part 3 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Detective Holly Ambushed Complete Video COST: $24 ~ 24 MINUTES




Description of HP-1042:

Little criminal henchwoman Stacy is planning a bank heist and discussing on the phone her plot to get the bank codes. Then, Detective Holly appears on the scene in order to apprehend the lame criminal! Stacy is toatlly insulted when Holly tells her she is clueless, and proceeds to prove Holly is correct. Holly tells Stacy they are going to the station and she is under arrest, but Stacy decides they will wrestle first! Holly is glad to oblige her and immediately tears into little Stacy! Holly punishes her foe with vicious joint locks, camel clutches, strikes, and scissors. After a thorough beatdown, Holly begins to escort Stacy to jail when she is confronted by the powerful crime boss Feisty! Feisty is not happy that her girl Stacy has been worked over, and now she takes the beating to poor Holly! Feisty tosses Holly about like a toy. She works over Holly's sexy body with hard blows to the belly, face, ribs, and back! Holly is slammed into the wall and punished. Feisty verbally abuses Holly while she pummels her with blows, then after wearing her down, Feisty applies bone crunching scissors with her powerful and ample muscles! Holly begs for mercy but receives none! Finally, Feisty locks a devastating iron claw onto Holly and leaves her down & out, a tragic victim of a criminal ambush!!!



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