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Calling Cthulhu 12: Deluge




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Description of Calling Cthulhu 12: Deluge

Planning an evening of R&R in the comforts of her BFF's Jacuzzi, a voluptuous vixen (Hollywood) arrives at the suite to find her friend MIA - but the hot tub primed & steaming. Not one to pass up a wet and warm reception, the bikini-clad babe slips into the invigorating waters to soothe her body & mind. But, the bathing beauty is oblivious to the dark forces inadvertently loosed by her noticeably absent girlfriend 'pon reading the passages of a blasphemous book of arcana - a malevolence in the grotesque form of a tentacled, lascivious monstrosity that turns her rejuvenating dip into a deluge of desperation & dread! Produced, directed, and concept by Todd A. Kaylor.


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